SPN fanfictions
Specimen 001

Specimen 001 by AlreadyPainfullyGone

words: 16740
tags: AU, tentacle sex, foreign genitalia…, interspecies
pairings/characters: (more or less)marine biologist!Dean/Octo!Cas, Sam Winchester, Octo!Gabriel, Zachariah, marine biologist!Chuck
authors summary: Dean is hired by Zachariah to fathom the new creature he’s fished out of the sea, and that would be Castiel obviously.

My note: OK. This is not the kind of ‘high quality’ (massive air quoting) written fic I usually tend to rec. It’s got some typos and stuff and the pacing’s a bit (very) fast. BUT - it’s a rare thing! There’re not a lot of fics like that out there and I love it!



Number 23 calls him ‘Cas’, and the angel blade clatters to the ground from numb fingers.  You have to kill that one yourself, and it takes three other angels to hold Castiel back.

Number 108 kisses him, hard and rough and possessive, and Castiel disappears.  You find him two hours later, hiding in a corner of the warehouse and muttering quantum physics laws under his breath.

Number 332 kisses him, soft and gentle and pleading, and Castiel stabs him in the heart, hisses, “Not Dean.”  You’ll accept it as a small victory.

Number 491 calls him ‘brother.’  Cas cuts him down with a sob and cries over his corpse for forty-seven minutes.

Number 665 lets Castiel sink the blade into his left lung with a sadistic smile, steps into the puncturing pressure and whispers into Castiel’s ear.  ”You were always a weapon.”  You have to call the other angels back to stop Castiel from sinking his blade into his own heart after that.

Number 804 grins around a mouthful of blood and chokes, “I never cared about you.”

Number 887 spits, “You don’t even have a soul.”

Number 901 snarls, “Angels aren’t capable of real love.”

Number 983 breaks him.  He looks up at Cas with cold, beautiful green eyes and whispers, “I wish you’d left me in Hell.”  After that, you’re almost certain that these are mercy killings, but it gets the job done.

Number 984 is cut down in a vicious and sloppy melee.

Number 987 cries out, but Castiel doesn’t bat an eyelash.

Number 993 doesn’t even see Castiel approach.

Number 998 begs, but Castiel moves with ruthless precision and speed.

Number 1000 is dead before he hits the ground.

Number 1002 crumples against the linoleum and you hit the lights.  Castiel is now fully operational.  He’s the deadliest weapon in Heaven’s arsenal, once again.


TIP: ‘The Future as B-Movie’ and ‘Bring Out Your Dead’

The Future as B-Movie' and 'Bring Out Your Dead' by twoskeletons

words: 2100 + 16886
tags: canon AU AU (altered endverse), cas!whump, dean!whump, apocalyptic scenario, angst, Worst road trip ever 
pairings/characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel (a hint of preslash), Sam Winchester
authors summary: prompt: “There are still a few vampires out there, despite the rampant Apocalypse, and they’re still doing their thing. And yeah, angel blood—or former angel blood? Turns out it’s way tastier than regular ol’ human blood, especially with so many humans jacked up by this weird new virus. (The End ‘verse, maybe not all the way to 2014 yet, maybe Sam’s still around.)”
This future isn’t much better than that other one
'warning': no sex or anything; no major on screen character death, but definitely no happy ending…..

My note: OK, I just read that fiction(s - I count it as one). It’s great. The pacing’s just right, the downward spiral so subtle, the writing style’s awesome and it’s so fucking angsty. I love it. It hurts. It’s perfect!


Closer by clotpoleofthelord (plantainleaf)

words: 12080
tags: purgatory, canon violence, threesome, bottom!Dean, top!Dean, bottom!Cas, top!Benny, 
pairings/characters: Benny Lafitte/Dean Winchester, Castiel/Benny Lafitte/Dean Winchester
authors summary: In Purgatory, it’s hard to hold on to your humanity. Dean isn’t sure how a vampire and an angel manage to keep him sane, but he’s not complaining.

My note: Everybody who follows this blog for a while longer probably knows by now I’m a sucker for dirty, animalistic, manly interpretations of our beloved characters. Especially in purgatory fics.
This is such a one.
The first part is a wonderful display of Dean’s search for Cas in purgatory and his dynamic with Benny, later on you can practically feel the weariness between Benny and Cas and everything ends in a well written, heated scene between the companions. It’s authentic, the pace is great, the writing is wonderful and you should read it.

pornTIP: Porn (A Blessing or) A Curse

(A Blessing or) A Curse by lovegonestale

words: 8940
tags: emotional manipulation, dubious consent, marathon sex, underage, first time, explicit, size kink, reborn human!Cas, 
pairings/characters: Dean/Cas, Sam/Cas
authors summary: Prompt: “Dean and Sam find a fallen Castiel, about 10-15, and take him on the road with them. Dean and Sam can’t resist molesting him though and convince Castiel that he’s been cursed and it makes them need to fuck him constantly. Still naive to humans and a child Castiel believes them utterly and feels guilty for making the Winchesters needing to have sex with him all the time.”
warning: VERY dubious & underage

My note: Ok, this made me feel very dirty……. It’s definitely great smut, it’s awesome porn, but the circumstances…. you can’t call it non-con (no forcing, no violence), but the manipulation part makes it very, very dubious con. Well written though!

Three Minutes to Midnight

Three Minutes to Midnight by RackOnInNC

words: 2830
tags: missing scene 5.21, hurt!cas, hospital scenery
pairings/characters: Cas
authors summary: In 5-21 “Two Minutes to Midnight” Castiel called Dean from the hospital. What happened before that?

My note: Pretty nice missing scene filler!

Love Is

Love Is by vikki

words: 33185
tags: Cas!whump, violence, language, hurt/comfort, bamf!Cas, Cas POV
pairings/characters: Zachariah, Castiel, Dean
authors summary: Missing scene/coda for 5.04. Castiel retrieves the Impala; Zachariah is waiting for him.

My note: Short, but she’s got lovely metaphors and a good writing style.

Bratishka: Little Brother

Bratishka: Little Brother by Valyria

words: 33185
tags: Law Enforcement AU, Russian Mafia, Tattooed!Castiel, Cas!Whump, Implied/Referenced Torture, Hurt/Comfort, Kidnapping, Temporary Character Death, Blow Jobs, Michael Lucifer and Anna have russian names, world’s most unsexy shower, Happy Ending
pairings/characters: Detective!Dean/Lawyer!Castiel, lawyer student!Sam, Luzifer, Gabriel, detective!Bobby, detective!Charlie, Lieutenant!Gordon Walker, Captain!Ellen, Lawyer!Kevin, Lawyer!Bela, Raphael, Alastair
authors summary: Dean thinks he knows pretty much everything there is to know about his best friend Castiel Novak - he’s a smart, gorgeous DA who probably lets Dean get away with more than he should to see the bad guy locked up - but it turns out Cas is hiding some dark family secrets.

My note: The story’s pretty typical, the usual kidnapping-rescue-thing, but it was just so lovely written and the way the characters are portrayed just really got me. 

Some Guys Have All The Luck

Some Guys Have All The Luck by strangeandcharm

words: 12515
tags: Hurt/Comfort, Cas!whump, grumpy!Cas, Season 5, pre-slash
pairings/characters: Castiel/Dean, Sam, a wendigo
authors summary: A cave, a wendigo, an angel with no powers. What could possibly go wrong? Quite a lot, actually…

My note: It’s vaguely based on the dr. house finale episode in which a building collapsed and a women was stuck underneath.
Cas!whump in well-known strangeandcharm-style, light slash ensues.

Needle and Thread

Needle and Thread by Misachan

words: 4065
tags: Hurt/Comfort, Wingfic, Slash, Season 5, Cas!whump
pairings/characters: Castiel/Dean, Sam (mentioned) 
authors summary: The plan didn’t go exactly how Castiel thought it would. Hurt/Comfort wing!fic.
prompt: Castiel is injured in a fight and can’t heal himself right away, so Dean tries to patch him up the best he can. He’s never had to do first aid on wings, though…

My note: Well written, nice whump wing!fic.