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TIP: Apologies and Other Disasters

Apologies and Other Disasters by kisahawklin

words: 41570
tags: Pre-Slash, Arguing, Fix-It, Fluff, Huddling For Warmth, Cuddling & Snuggling, Canon Divergence from 9.03, Temporary Character Death, Happy Ending, Masturbation, Mutual Masturbation, Fantasizing, Slow Build, Kevin Lives, sex eventually, threesome, polyamorous relationship, Sams POV
pairings/characters: Castiel/Dean/Sam, Kevin Tran, Linda Tran, Garth, Charlie Bradbury(/FC mentioned)
summary: After Sam kicks Ezekiel to the curb, the first thing they do is to go find Cas.

My note: Finding wincestiel stories that are even readable isn’t easy, let alone ones that are good. But it seems finding one that is so awesome and well written and takes the Dean/Cas/Sam relationship as a polyamorous ‘thing’ as a serious matter is nearly impossible.
This fic made me happy, it’s well written, has a good story, perfectly portrayed characters, cuddling that doesn’t even seem ridiculous, everything makes sense, is plausible and relatable and after 12 chapters you get some very hot stuff on top.

The best thing though:
The author managed to create such a balanced polyamorous relationship, it’s just beautiful!
If you’re interested in those characters and their dynamic and you’re not appalled by Wincestiel (more Dean/Cas and Cas/Sam + Sam&Dean), read it!

TIP: The Boomerang Effect

The Boomerang Effect by strangeandcharm

words: 13400
tags: graphic non-con, horror, h/c, Cas!whump, Dean!whump, rough sex, bottom!Dean, bottom!Cas, top!Cas, tentacle
pairings/characters: tentacle!creature/Cas, Dean/Cas
summary:  While working a case with the Winchesters, Castiel has a meeting with a monster who awakens something inside him – something Dean is in need of, too.
warning: graphic non-con!

My note: 
Wow… let’s have a look at this story from three different angles, shall we?

The porn angle:
goddamn, if you like disturbing dub-con/non-con tantacle you’re so damn right with this one! And if you like Cas dominating and fucking Dean out of his mind, then, yesss! Dean being in need of a hard pounding? Check.

The lyrical angle:
Hell, this story is wonderfully written! It’s great, the writing style is awesome, the pacing is A+, the characters are as canon as could be -> it’s outstanding!
In my opinion strangeandcharm delivered her masterpiece with this one!

Facit: This story is a piece of porn-art!

Finally - the psychological, serious angle:
this is non consensual in so many ways. I’s totally fucked up. You really only should read this if you are very grounded. So, sorry to all the people that are disgusted and triggered by this content. If you think about it just for a minute, this has really hardcore elements! BIG BIG warning sign!!
But she’s dealing with the issue very realistic and in a mature way.

If you want to know why, read under the cut, because I have to be a little bit spoilery there.

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Actually I got some new nice recs for you, but since my PC decided to go fuck itself it’s a bit complicated….


Defiling an angel would earn Dean a spot on Hell’s Wall of Fame.

His reputation, already whispered about down there, would only grow.

He’d be known and revered by everyone.

That isn’t what he’d doing though. Defiling is the wrong word. He isn’t dirtying Castiel. He…

tsa america SPECIAL: Two Fingers Under The Belt

Two Fingers Under The Belt by 51stCenturyFox

words: 2930
tags:  UST, Pining, Airport Security Protocols, Humor, Hand Jobs, Kissing, Internalized Homophobia, Misha Collins - Freeform, Blow Jobs
pairings/characters: Officer Franklin/Texan Passenger
summary:  Fic for the Misha Collins TSA America: Level Orange short, “Just Relax” — this is dedicated to all the Mishamigos in the StageIt chatroom.
Zach still doesn’t quite know what to make of his patdown at the TSA checkpoint. He’s not having a big ol’ gay panic or anything, ‘cause he ain’t into that. He couldn’t even watch Brokeback Mountain, even though his brother had insisted he’d just love it.

My note: You all must’ve known there’d be something like this someday! It was necessary! Damn tsa america! Damn you Misha! Damndamndamn

pornTIP: Sam/Cas promptfill spnkink-meme

Sam/Cas promptfill spnkink-meme by valyriaa

words: 3800
tags:  first time, rough sex, barebacking, manipulation, very dubious consent, dirty talk, bottom!Cas, pwp, season 9, human!Cas
pairings/characters: Sam/Cas, Dean
summary: Sam wants to teach Dean a lesson and persuades Cas to let Sam fuck him by telling him it’d be the only way to get Dean to admit his feelings for Cas. 
warning: strong dub con, Sam being not a nice guy at all

My note: This is twisted. It’s very dubious and it’s mean and twisted, but it’s oh so damn hot


Can we take a moment to appreciate the fandom writers? The ones who reduce us to tears, make us laugh out loud. Powerless to forget the chapter, the paragraph, the single line that touched us in ways we can’t articulate. Thank you, writers. For all the AUs, the WIPs, and the 50K fics that still cause our heats to flutter even after the fifth read through. Thank you for the magic.

Specimen 001

Specimen 001 by AlreadyPainfullyGone

words: 16740
tags: AU, tentacle sex, foreign genitalia…, interspecies
pairings/characters: (more or less)marine biologist!Dean/Octo!Cas, Sam Winchester, Octo!Gabriel, Zachariah, marine biologist!Chuck
authors summary: Dean is hired by Zachariah to fathom the new creature he’s fished out of the sea, and that would be Castiel obviously.

My note: OK. This is not the kind of ‘high quality’ (massive air quoting) written fic I usually tend to rec. It’s got some typos and stuff and the pacing’s a bit (very) fast. BUT - it’s a rare thing! There’re not a lot of fics like that out there and I love it!



Number 23 calls him ‘Cas’, and the angel blade clatters to the ground from numb fingers.  You have to kill that one yourself, and it takes three other angels to hold Castiel back.

Number 108 kisses him, hard and rough and possessive, and Castiel disappears.  You find him two hours later, hiding in a corner of the warehouse and muttering quantum physics laws under his breath.

Number 332 kisses him, soft and gentle and pleading, and Castiel stabs him in the heart, hisses, “Not Dean.”  You’ll accept it as a small victory.

Number 491 calls him ‘brother.’  Cas cuts him down with a sob and cries over his corpse for forty-seven minutes.

Number 665 lets Castiel sink the blade into his left lung with a sadistic smile, steps into the puncturing pressure and whispers into Castiel’s ear.  ”You were always a weapon.”  You have to call the other angels back to stop Castiel from sinking his blade into his own heart after that.

Number 804 grins around a mouthful of blood and chokes, “I never cared about you.”

Number 887 spits, “You don’t even have a soul.”

Number 901 snarls, “Angels aren’t capable of real love.”

Number 983 breaks him.  He looks up at Cas with cold, beautiful green eyes and whispers, “I wish you’d left me in Hell.”  After that, you’re almost certain that these are mercy killings, but it gets the job done.

Number 984 is cut down in a vicious and sloppy melee.

Number 987 cries out, but Castiel doesn’t bat an eyelash.

Number 993 doesn’t even see Castiel approach.

Number 998 begs, but Castiel moves with ruthless precision and speed.

Number 1000 is dead before he hits the ground.

Number 1002 crumples against the linoleum and you hit the lights.  Castiel is now fully operational.  He’s the deadliest weapon in Heaven’s arsenal, once again.